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In the United States more money is spent on direct mail advertising than all other forms of advertising combined. UPs Automotive has over 30 years experience in Direct Mail and has proven results! Whether you are Direct Marketing via Electronic or In-Home Delivery.
UPs Automotive feels that direct mail is the most cost effective medium to directly target market potential customers and increase customer retention. You can reach target markets: geographically by, zip code, city, county and state. Browse through our selection.
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Immediate Response

The most important element of any successful direct marketing campaign starts with the mailing list. At Ups Automotive we specialize in database management of existing and potential customer information. We feel that maintaining the integrity of your list is paramount to your ultimate success. As part of your list maintenance we do the following: Merge - Purge, data integrity, De-Duping (removing duplicates), data hygiene, NCOA (National Change of Address) services keep your data current. We also offer email lists and direct marketing list services. All of our data is confidential and secure. We know how to target existing customers and your potential customers, and also can supply you with thousands of the right leads to generate potential revenue for your dealership. When a customer opens our mailers they respond immediately to our creative offers. We specialize in custom tailoring direct marketing programs to suit your needs. We can create mailers of any dimensional size and shape. Our high gloss, heavy weight cover stock-folding fliers stand out from the usual clutter. All of our creative is custom made to suit all your specific needs.